Why using Excel Ignite

While Excel UDF is powerful, it requires detailed knowledge on scripting languages, such as VBA. To create VBA scripts to pull data from web APIs, the learning curve is even higher.

Excel Ignite tries to change that. Excel Ignite extends the UDF concept with Web APIs so that any Excel user can easily get data from any web services available, either on the Internet or in private networks. The program is designed to be extensible where it can connect to new APIs, using configuration files.

The setup program comes with an initial set of configuration files that are ready to be use:

  • Alexa API
  • Amazon product advertising API
  • Bing.com translation API
  • Binlist.net Issuer Identification Numbers (IIN) API
  • Data.gov APIs
  • Edmunds VIN lookup APIs
  • EnClout domain APIs
  • FreeGeoIP.net APIs
  • Gender API
  • GeoNames.org APIs
  • Github APIs
  • Google Geocode APIs
  • Have I Been Pwned API
  • Maxmind minFraud and proxy APIs
  • MyWOT (Web of Trust) API
  • Naics.us (North American Industry Classification System) lookup
  • OMDB (Open Movie Database) API
  • Opencalais APIs
  • OpenWeatherMap APIs
  • Purgomalum Profanity check API
  • Restcountries.eu Country API
  • Telize GeoIP API
  • Thesaurus API from Big Huge Lab
  • Udger.com User Agent Parser API
  • uinames Fake Name API