How does Excel Ignite work?

Excel Ignite is an Excel add-on that allows users to retrieve data from online APIs, as User Defined Functions (UDF).

Excel Ignite has two main parts, the add-on program and source files.

  • The Excel add-on, once installed, allows users to call Ignite functions as a regular Excel function.
  • Sources are the XML based configuration files that controls the functions available to the Excel. You can create your own sources if needed.

Available Excel functions

Once installed, following user defined functions are available in Excel.
Ignite Parameters: (source, function, output, input1, optional input2, optional input3, optional input 4, optional input5)

This is the main function that you will use to pull data from web APIs. Source indicates the source configuration file to use. Function specifies the function to call. Output controls the data being returned. Inputs 1 to 5 are the inputs that relevant to the function.

If the source file does not exist, the plugin will try to download if from EnClout website.
Ignite_Browse Parameter: (optional source)

This function opens the folder where source files are kept. If source is provided, this function opens the specified source file in notepad.
Ignite_Update Parameter: (source)

This function downloads the source file from EnClout website. You will be prompted for overwrite if the file alreadys exists on the local disk.
Ignite_Help Parameter: (optional source)

This function opens the online help page for Excel Ignite. If source if provided, help page for the specified source is displayed.
Ignite_About This function returns the Excel Ignite version number.


We provide several sources in the setup program that you can use directly:

  • Alexa API
  • Amazon product advertising API
  • translation API
  • Issuer Identification Numbers (IIN) API
  • APIs
  • Edmunds VIN lookup APIs
  • EnClout domain APIs
  • APIs
  • Gender API
  • APIs
  • Github APIs
  • Google Geocode APIs
  • Have I Been Pwned API
  • Maxmind minFraud and proxy APIs
  • MyWOT (Web of Trust) API
  • (North American Industry Classification System) lookup
  • OMDB (Open Movie Database) API
  • Opencalais APIs
  • OpenWeatherMap APIs
  • Purgomalum Profanity check API
  • Country API
  • Telize GeoIP API
  • Thesaurus API from Big Huge Lab
  • User Agent Parser API
  • uinames Fake Name API
You can update sources from Sources page. You can also contribute by emailing sources to us.

API keys

Most APIs require authentication tokens to access its data. Without it, your usage might be capped or limited. Excel Ignite only includes the trial tokens in the source configurations. To access the full API, you need to get the authentication token from API providers.