Name Description Inputs
(only one)

This function retrieves the title and description for a single NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code from a given year.

=Ignite("","code","title","2012", "519120")


title description index
Required Optional Output


 ABC (Forumla)D (Output)
1 2012 519120 =Ignite("","code","title",A1, B1) Libraries and Archives
2 2012 519120 =Ignite("","code","description",A2, B2) This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing library or archive services. These establishments are engaged in maintaining collections of documents (e.g., books, journals, newspapers, and music) and facilitating the use of such documents (recorded information regardless of its physical form and characteristics) as are required to meet the informational, research, educational, or recreational needs of their user. These establishments may also acquire, research, store, preserve, and generally make accessible to the public historical documents, photographs, maps, audio material, audiovisual material, and other archival material of historical interest. All or portions of these collections may be accessible electronically.