Name Description Inputs
(only one)

This function returns information from for a given email address. Because the server returns an array, the calling function includes the array Index.

=Ignite("","breachedaccount","pwnCount", 0, "").

title name domain breachDate pwnCount description dataClasses isSensitive
Required Optional Output


 AB (Forumla)C (Output)
1 =Ignite("","breachedaccount","title", 0, A1) 000webhost
2 =Ignite("","breachedaccount","name", 0, A2) 000webhost
3 =Ignite("","breachedaccount","domain", 0, A3) 000webhost
4 =Ignite("","breachedaccount","breachDate", 0, A4) 2015-03-01
5 =Ignite("","breachedaccount","pwnCount", 0, A5) 13545468
6 =Ignite("","breachedaccount","description", 0, A6) In approximately March 2015, the free web hosting provider 000webhost suffered a major data breach that exposed over 13 million customer records. The data was sold and traded before 000webhost was alerted in October. The breach included names, email addresses and plain text passwords.
7 =Ignite("","breachedaccount","dataClasses", 0, A7) ["Email addresses","IP addresses","Names","Passwords"]
8 =Ignite("","breachedaccount","isSensitive", 0, A8) False