EnClout Ignite brings the power of web APIs to spreadsheet users, using custom functions. With our Ignite framework, you can:

  • Retrieve data from web services as Custom Functions.
  • Support web services with XML or JSON outputs.
  • Support parameters from by GET, POST and HTTP headers.
  • Minimum Learning curve regardless of the underlying APIs
  • Chain multiple APIs using standard spreadsheet features


Excel Ignite Cloud Ignite
  • Add-on available in Microsoft Excel
  • Retrieve data from web services hosted in your local environment
  • Download API configuration files from the web
  • Highly configurable to your own needs
  • Add-on available in Google Sheets
  • Running supported APIs in the cloud directly.
  • While not available yet, we plan to support Office 365 when ready
Excel 2013
Sample Excel
Google spreadsheet
Google Sheets

Supported APIs

  • Alexa API
  • Amazon product advertising API
  • Bing.com translation API
  • Binlist.net Issuer Identification Numbers (IIN) API
  • Data.gov APIs
  • Edmunds VIN lookup APIs
  • EnClout domain APIs
  • FreeGeoIP.net APIs
  • Gender API
  • GeoNames.org APIs
  • Github APIs
  • Google Geocode APIs
  • Have I Been Pwned API
  • Maxmind minFraud and proxy APIs
  • MyWOT (Web of Trust) API
  • Naics.us (North American Industry Classification System) lookup
  • OMDB (Open Movie Database) API
  • Opencalais APIs
  • OpenWeatherMap APIs
  • Purgomalum Profanity check API
  • Restcountries.eu Country API
  • Telize GeoIP API
  • Thesaurus API from Big Huge Lab
  • Udger.com User Agent Parser API
  • uinames Fake Name API
Excel Ignite, our Patent Pending solution, is free for personal use. Business and government users can purchase a license.

Excel Ignite PAD File Enclout_Ignite Slide Deck Slide deck in Google